Water Problems in New Police Station

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Puddles of water and fallen ceiling tiles could be found in parts of the new Meridian Police Department after heavy rain moved through the area. Newscenter 11 received an anonymous email with video footage from inside the police station. Water can also be spotted in light fixtures.

Acting Police Chief James Sharpe tells Newscenter 11 there were leaks in the building due to the severe thunderstorm that passed through Meridian. Sharpe acknowledges the wet carpet and fallen ceiling tiles that he says fell due to being water logged. He tells us no major damage occurred in the building. Sharpe says the building's contractors have been notified about the incident and that the department is working closely with them to get the problem fixed.

In the meantime, Newscenter 11 has received reports that there have actually been previous roof leaks within the building from when it was the old Cowboy Maloney's store.

Mayor Cheri Barry issued the following statement:

"The City of Meridian is a tenant of the building only. Any issues related to the building, which include the roof, need to directed to the landlord. The landlord is responsible to repair, correct, or replace the roof. The city should hold the landlord accountable."

Mayor-elect Percy Bland released a statement, saying:

"Obviously it's a huge concern when the roof on our new police station is pouring water when it rains. We will look to our landlord to fix this problem immediately. We will also need to inspect to see if other issues have been caused by the roof leaks, which I'm told have existed in some form since before we took occupancy of the building."

The building's contractor, Tim Allred, responded to concerns about the roof leaking:

"Roof repair materials were ordered prior to occupancy and came in last Thursday. A section of the roof will be replaced next week. We are addressing the problems Monday morning. Heritage Building was not contracted to install a new roof."