Crews Prepare Bonita Lakes for July 4th Celebrations

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Meridian, Miss. City crews spent all of Wednesday getting Bonita Lakes Park ready with the expectation of thousands of people coming out Thursday evening to celebrate Independence Day rain or shine. Opening ceremonies will start at 6:40, with a concert featuring Amy Lott and the Usual Suspects beginning at 7:00, followed by, of course, fireworks, at 9:00. Casey Null with Meridian's Department of Community Development says that some places inside the park are better than others for viewing.

"The band is actually set up in the boat landing area, and the fireworks are shot off of Mayor's Point. So if you can get into the spillway area that is kind of the best place, also the island is a great place."

Even though the gates to the park will be closed during the morning hours while crews finish preparing for the celebration, they will be open early enough for you to come in and stake out your spot or catch the free trolley from the Office Max parking lot.

"The gate will open at 3:30 and people can start coming in and set up their chairs and tents if they would like, and also we do have the trolley running. It will start at 5:30"

Null also says that this is a great event and opportunity to bring out the whole family, not just to spend time not just with your loved ones, but with your neighbors as well.

"This is just one other opportunity to showcase what the City of Meridian has to offer, and using Bonita Lakes as that example, a beautiful spot, and just everyone being able to come out as one big family."