Local Pastor's Home Hit by Gunfire

Meridian, Mississippi One local family is having an unexpected Independence Day.

Reverend William Brown and his wife were returning from Bible study when he noticed police at his home on 30th Avenue in Meridian. Witnesses say a young man was attempting to shoot at another individual, and Reverend Brown's house was one of two houses hit by stray bullets during the gunfire. Three of Brown's grandchildren and their father were home when the incident happened. His 10-year-old grandson was directly by the window at the time. The reverend says he just feels blessed his family was not injured.

"Not lucky, but blessed that none of the children were killed or injured or maimed," Brown says. "We are blessed and for that reason, I am thankful. For that reason also, I'm remaining spiritual because it had to be God that protected those children. "

Right now, witnesses are unwilling to provide detailed information about the shooting. Police urge anyone with information to please call Crimestoppers at 601-485-1860.