Hanging Death Update


Samantha Naylor and the rest of her family are coping with the death of Nick Naylor day-by-day.

"It's hard because his mom is not even sleeping," said his aunt, Earline Jackson. "His mom doesn't even want to stay at home, just going and going."

Around 3:00 p.m. on Jan. 9, Nick Naylor, 23, was found hanged to death in a wooded area about a mile from his home just off Hwy. 45
in Porterville.

Kemper County Sheriff Sam Tisdale said, because of the complexity of the investigation, his department is awaiting the written autopsy before releasing any information.

"Well, it's normal. It's not really a hold up," said Tisdale. "It normally takes from four to six weeks to get an autopsy back in writing. We get a preliminary back in a couple of days, but a written one takes four to six weeks, as far as I know, everywhere."

"I think at this length of time the family shouldn't have to go through this mental stress," said Kemper County NAACP president George Roberts.
"That's really unacceptable. "Somebody needs to meet with the family and inform them of what's going on and give them something to look for and build on."

"To know what happened would bring us closure," said Nick's sister. "It would make it easier for us to go on with our lives but now knowing what happened to him, it's hard."

Meanwhile, Sheriff Tisdale said officials with the county coroner's office say over the weekend, results from the autopsy were being typed and could be available later this week.

"Just bear with us," said Tisdale. "We can't rush things in this situation. Just hold on and we'll get the results."