Slay: Tags Part of Homestead Exemption

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Homestead exemption reduces ad valorem taxes by a significant amount.

One of the requirements of the exemption is Lauderdale County automobile owners must buy their car tags here.

Tax assessor Jimmy Slay said Monday with the public's help his office will crack down on violators.

"If you are aware of someone in Lauderdale County who has an Alabama vehicle and if you'll get me that tag number, I will send it to Mississippi State Tax Commission," said Slay. "They will check with the state of Alabama to verify that tag number and if it's in that person's name and they're filing homestead, the state tax commission will charge their homestead back."

Car tags are one of four requirements in qualifying for homestead exemption.

"You have to be a legal resident of the state of Mississippi, have to own and occupy the property as of Jan. 1 the year you file, you have to file income tax in the state of Mississippi and you have to buy all your car tags in Lauderdale County," said the tax assessor.

Slay said the tax commission has a method of cross-checking with Alabama to determine whether or not the person who bought the tag
is a Lauderdale County resident using an Alabama address.

Slay said he does not need the automobile owner's name, just the number of the Alabama tag on the car. He and the Mississippi Tax Commission will take it from there.