Correctional Officer Stabbed, Investigation Underway

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Lauderdale County, Mississippi Lauderdale County investigatiors say a correctional officer was stabbed through a tray hole door on Wednesday morning while delivering breakfast to the inmates.

Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says the inmate somehow conjured up a weapon in his cell and stabbed the guard. EMCF Warden Jerry Buscher tells Newscenter 11 the correctional officer was stabbed just below the belt line, but wasn't seriously hurt. Calhoun says it is a felony offense to assault a correctional officer. This case will go before the next available grand jury.

"Any time you're in an environment such as a prison, certainly correctional officers are taught and trained about how to operate in that environment," Calhoun points out. "But when you're dealing with individuals who are bent on hurting someone else, they are likely going to find a way in some for or fashion to do that."

Buscher says the portion of the prison where the stabbing took place was put on lockdown.