Philadelphia Police Chief Talks Fighting Crime

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Philadelphia, Mississippi Some residents in Philadelphia are a bit on edge after several recent shootings in the area.

July has been a busy month for the Philadelphia Police Department so far. However, Chief William Cox says officers are actively patrolling neighborhoods in the city in an effort to curb crime.

"We're making a presence," Cox points out. "And we want people to know that we are here and we are going to solve these incidents quickly and keep them safe in their homes."

One particular shooting happened at a home off of Fox Avenue when investigators say a suspect fired shots into the front bedroom of the house. No one was injured there. Philadelphia Police have also responded to a shooting on Myrtle Avenue where a woman was shot once in the thigh and then transported to a Jackson hospital. Police say they charged Satainga Cypress with aggravated assault after he turned himself into authorities. Chief Cox also tells Newscenter 11 narcotics are a concern in Philadelphia and says his team is actively working some investigations.

"Into trafficking in this area that's bringing large amounts of narcotics into the area and we're actively working those cases," Cox says.

Meanwhile, some residents in Philadelphia have expressed concern over safety in the city. Despite the recent shootings and other crimes that have taken place, Chief Cox says the city is safe.

"Yes, I believe Philadelphia is safe," he maintains. "We do have some isolated incidents, but I don't believe that overall our city is unsafe."

If you have any information that can help Philadelphia Police in their fight against crime, call the Philadelphia Police Department at 601-656-2131.