Victory Village II

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There once was the sound of children playing at Victory Village on 46th Avenue in Meridian. Families calling back and forth across the street. Men coming home from work. Now all is silent.

The families have been moved to other housing. The windows have been boarded up.

Meridian Housing Authority Executive Director Derwin Jackson said within 60 days work crews will begin tearing down the 60-year-old complex.

"Meridian has a lot of old housing complexes. We have the one we've targeted now which is Victory Village," said Jackson, "one of the ones that was built, the first phase was in 1943. So, involved with that we have a lot of old deteriorating systems. You have land invested in these units that would really cost more to renovate than it would to tear them down than to rebuild them anew."

The Housing Authority received a federal grant last year for $1.1 million to tear down Victory Village. Now under another federal program called Hope 6 the Housing Authority will apply for a federal grant of $18 million to rebuild at the site.

"So our plan now once we tear it down the Hope 6 application plan is to come back and rebuild 130 units, which will be market rate units, tax credit units and public housing units as well as home ownership," Jackson said.

Jackson said the new units would not be anything like present day public housing.

"We're going to make this more blended in with the city concept, but it's going to be affordable housing, apartment complexes and home ownership," said Jackson.