Update on Luring Arrest

It was a sting operation Friday afternoon that led to Kenneth Wallace's arrest. Instead of the young girl, he thought he was at Okatibbee Lake to meet, the 49-year-old was met by deputies who charged him with one count of internet luring. It's a charge that involves the sexual pursuit of a child who the suspect knows or believes is under the age of 15.

Because Wallace had played such an active role with the West Lauderdale Youth Association, members of the group, including District Three Supervisor Josh Todd, were surprised but not deterred by the arrest.

"You know Ken Wallace acted as Ken Wallace, he didn't act as the West Lauderdale Youth Association. A lot of people are trying to tie in the youth association with this and he was the board president, but now he has resigned and we will move on."

Since Wallace's resignation the association has selected longtime association member Charlie Turner as interim president.

"The association is very strong. It is very strong," says Todd. "The communities are still there. Those people are still there and supporting our project."

The biggest project for the organization right now is a multi-million dollar sports complex which is nearing the end of phase one. It's a project that now former president, Kenneth Wallace, helped to spearhead.

"Nobody as far as I know has talked to him (Kenneth Wallace) verbally yet, but they have communicated through the e-mail, but through the e-mail he stated that he would be open and willing to pass over any, and all information that he has," says Todd.

Once phase one, which is comprised of dirt work is finished, Todd says the plan is still to start major construction for the project early next year and open the 8 field complex next fall.

Kenneth Wallace is charged with one count of internet luring. His bond was set at $25,000. Since his arrest he has bonded out of jail. His case is expected to be presented to a Lauderdale County grand jury in October.