Army Secures Air Force

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The Army National Guard will take over security duties at Key Field by week's end.

Army Guard personnel have arrived at the facility and are involved in a week of training in Air Guard security procedures.

"The learning curve is going to be steep and the training is going to continuous, but we're going to do all we can to get them up to speed," said 1st Lt. Robert Wiggins of the Air National Guard.

"We're going to be completely trained in the way they are currently doing that security," said 1st Lt. Jacqueline Moreno of the Army National Guard. "We'll be integrated with their forces. It's not going to be two separate entities. We're all going to be on one team."

Military officials say these security changes have been in the works for quite some time and are not the result of any new threat.

"This was in effect before that happened. You can never have too much security. It actually comes at a good time. It's going to help us with a higher threat of alert," said Wiggins.

Though timely, the changes were initiated to allow some Air Guard security personnel to get back to their civilian jobs.

"We've had some security forces members on mobilization active duty orders for almost a year and a half.," said Wiggins. "A lot of them are firefighters, police, sheriffs and we're trying to get them off orders and get them back to their civilian sectors."

Military officials say little or no problems are expected during the historic transition. It's the first time in history that the Army has directly provided security for Air Force aircraft.