Meridian Residents React to Weapons Ordinance

Meridian, Miss. The Meridian City Council approved a weapons ordinance
Tuesday night.

Mississippi's clarified open carry law will not apply on city- owned property, including buildings, parks, ballfields and recreational facilities.

"For the safety of citizens, for the safety of our team here with the city, we just thought it was the right and proper thing to do," said Mayor Percy Bland.

And despite the recent controversy over gun laws, this ordinance applies to anyone with any weapon, whether or not you have a permit.

And some citizens say they believe that right shouldn't be taken away.

"Yes, you should be able to carry it if you've got the permit," said Carol Samuels of Meridian. "That's my opinion, if you've got the permit to carry it. But as far as no permit? I'm totally against it. It's not going to do nothing but bring crime here to Meridian."

Some say this ordinance makes them feel more reassured.

"When I do notice 'no weapons allowed', that makes me feel like I don't have to be so on alert," said Shundrick Scott of Meridian.

But others believe criminals won't follow the laws, and they need protection.

"If you don't have your gun, what can you do?" said Antonio Sanders of Meridian. "Can't do nothing but just get bullets flown at you; you're on the ground, everybody hollering. So I feel like you should just have a weapon everywhere you go. I don't care if you're at church, you should have a weapon."

And some citizens believe the locations specified in the ordinance should be altered.

"I don't think anybody belongs in city hall with a gun on them, but if they're a licensed firearms carrier who wants to go to their child's baseball game and feel more protected having a gun on their side, and the state has given them a permit saying they're prepared to do so, I don't think that's a problem because we've had shootings at a lot of different places lately," said Matthew Nicholson of Meridian.

This ordinance goes into effect immediately. If you are found to have any type of weapon in these areas, you will be asked to leave.