MHS Administrators Take Their Feet to the Street

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Meridian, Miss. For the fourth time in just as many years, Meridian High School Principal Victor Hubbard and other administrators took the their feet to the street, going door to door, meeting with high school parents. The goal of this campaign is to get information about school policies and important dates out to the parents early.

"We are wanting to make the community aware of the new things we are doing at our school, particularly at Meridian High School. We are also making the community aware of Open House which is on Sunday, August 4th from 2:00 until 5:00, which is where students can come pick up their schedules and meet their teachers."

The team hit several neighborhoods all across Meridian, including the Mar Ray Apartments off of North Hills Street, and while Hubbard says he wishes they could visit every neighborhood in the city, the team just isn't that big, so they're just focusing on the neighborhoods where most of their students live.

"It is important because what we are trying to do is continue to build that strong community relationship, to where we can work together to ensure that all of our students are successful."

While they only have the students at school for 8 hours a day, Hubbard hopes that by personally getting out into the community, he'll encourage parents to continue instilling positive behavior into their children at home.

"When the community and parents are aware of what's happening in the school, that continues to happen when the children are back at home, so building that relationship with the parents and the community is a win-win situation for the kids."