McBride Admits Price-Gouging

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An officer of McBride Oil Company has admitted violating the state's price-gouging law at two Sumter County gas stations in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The plea deal ends a legal case that he thought concluded with his payment of a $10,000 fine in November.

Jason McBride's sworn statement, filed with the county clerk's office Monday, was sought by prosecutors when he did not appear in court to plead guilty along with paying the fine.

A grand jury indicted McBride, secretary-treasurer of McBride Oil, in September 2005 for violating the pricing act on Aug. 31.

Sumter County District Attorney Greg Griggers said McBride sold gasoline at $3.69 a gallon. McBride said the retail price of gasoline at two stores was briefly $3.49 based on his purchase price of $3.29 a gallon.