Teachers Get Ready to Go Back to School

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Lauderdale County, Miss. Monday marked the final push to get everything ready in all of Lauderdale County's and Meridian's schools. That included finishing renovations, sorting textbooks, and decorating classrooms. Intellectually Gifted Teacher Stacy Purvis at Northeast Middle School says that while the physical preparations have only taken place over the past few weeks, teachers never stop mentally preparing.

"Honestly, I would say that every teacher spends their summer looking for new ideas for the next school year, so it starts immediately. I don't know any teacher that takes down time."

Purvis is going into her 19th year of teaching, and says her room is in order because summer classes were held there, but other teachers had to tear down and re-do their room for the new year.

"Usually around July, teachers start coming back. Usually the whole month of July teachers are in and out working. Everybody's excited, but we're all nervous. We get nervous just like the kids do because we're ready to start a new year, and that's the great thing about what we do. We get to start over every year, we have a fresh start, so that's always something to look forward to.

Over at Poplar Springs Elementary in Meridian, teachers were doing much of the same. They were getting their classes in order and having some final meetings to make sure everyone knew exactly what to expect for the first day. Poplar Springs Elementary Principal LaVonda Germany says just like at Northeast Middle, they're putting on the finishing touches.

"A lot of our teachers have been here for at least the past two weeks getting their rooms ready, and now it's labeling so that students' names are on the desk, and students' names are on the door, and just putting that smile on our face and ready to welcome our parents as they come in and they meet us."

A full listing of school start dates are available on our website.