School "Swept" by K-9s

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Police and dogs searched Northwest Junior High School Wednesday in an unannounced check for drugs. Dr. Sam Thompson, head of security for the school system, said students were kept in the halls while the search was underway.

"Basically it was a drill for the drug dogs. We do this periodically," said Thompson. "As a matter of fact we do random searches with dogs but this morning was just a drill for the drug dogs. We were not actually looking for anything this morning. It was just drilling the dogs. Find anything? We did not."

Thompson described Wednesday's search as routine. Meridian police officers said the dogs indicated a presence of narcotics, but no actual drugs, other than tobacco. There were no arrests. Extended Web Coverage

What Makes a Police Dog?

  • To be a Police Dog the dog must take a special test to get a Patrol Certificate.

  • The test includes four events: (To pass the test the dog must pass three events. )
    • Obedience
    • Area Searching
    • Building Search
    • Criminal Apprehension (Criminal apprehension also includes a courage test.)

Police Dog Standards

  • The dog should be medium size or bigger.

  • The dog must be smart and have a good temper.

  • The dog must be in great physical condition.

  • In a group, the dog must get along well without the trainer.

  • The dog should not harm a wild animal.

  • The dog must not harm people.

  • The dog must complete obedience training.

  • The dog must dodge all obstacles on any kind of land.

  • The dog must have an exam every year to see if he can still work.

Police Dog Handler Requirements

  • K-9 Handlers must be a policeman with at least 3 years of training.

  • The person must be able to work by himself with no boss.

  • He should not be out sick too much or have too many complaints.

  • He should have a proper place for the dog to stay.

  • He should be able to handle the dog well.

  • He should be a good police officer

  • He should be okay about talking to the public.

  • He should have good record-keeping skills.

  • He should be calm in stressful cases.

  • He should be healthy and strong.

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