Dog Gone Homecoming

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"It's me baby. It's me," cried Rosemary Simmons as she greeted her dog, Brownie, at the Meridian Regional Airport baggage claim.

Brownie came tentatively out of his carrier, no doubt a little traumatized by the long flight.

Simmons, a New Orleans native, was reunited with the dog she hadn't seen since fleeing her home after Hurricane Katrina over four months ago.

"My home was destroyed in Louisiana, New Orleans. I wasn't able to bring my dog with me," Simmons said. "I don't know how he survived, but he's here. He's alive."

Simmons has been living with a relative in Heidelberg, Miss., since the storm. Brownie, however, made it all the way to the west coast.

Veterinarian, Dr. Amy Allen of San Francisco, was part of a relief and rescue team that went to New Orleans after the storm. She took in Brownie and made the effort to reunite him with his owner.

Pegg Glaser of the Cats in Need Society in Laurel, Miss., offered to bring Simmons to Meridian to meet Brownie.

"She had lost everything. On the trip from Heidelberg to here, I learned she has lost everything," said Glaser. "And this is the only thing she has left."

Simmons, overwhelmed with emotion, wasn't exactly speechless, but she did have this to say.

"I love him. I'm just so happy. I'm happy! I'm happy! I got him, I'm happy," said Simmons.

We're happy, too.