Get Fit... Don't Quit!

When it comes to age, there's at least a then year span between that of 38-year-old Suzanne Cain and 28-year-old Kenya Darden. However, that's where many of their differences end, especially when it comes to weight end to a degree at least.

When first approached about displaying how they weigh on television both were somewhat apprehensive. However, by the time it finally happened their responses were:

"People know I'm overweight, so what difference does a number make?" says Suzanne.

Then once on the scale, "I said, 'Cool,' because I've already lost two pounds," says Suzanne.

"I've lost pounds since yesterday and I walked over here today," says Kenya.

As for Kenya's two-pound loss in a day, we'll discuss that more later, but first the results: At the weigh-in Suzanne and Kenya weighed 244 pounds and 188 pounds respectively.

To these numbers, healthcare officials say, "I don't want them to be real concerned about that number and I want them to weigh in once a week, but not every day," says registered dietician Carol Mosley. "It's very discouraging for people and you may be retaining water one day or whatever."

Mosley says this could explain some of Kenya's sudden weight change. When it comes to calculating what weight you should be she says that trying to reach that "ideal" weight, which is considered the "norm", is not always good.

"If you are trying to get the ideal body weight for your height, it may be very unrealistic for you, but if you can get down to a healthier weight and be physically fit, you can put off any kind of heart problems or types of cancers or high blood pressure and diabetes," says Mosley.

For Suzanne, the ideal weight would be about 180, while the body weight which healthcare officials are recommending for her is a little bit higher at 188. As for Kenya, her ideal body weight is 150 pounds, while healthcare officials are recommending that 155 would be a healthy weight for her.

Meanwhile, when it came to doing measurements there were some other surprises as well.

"We found that their body fats were pretty close to normal. Even though Kenya weighs less than Suzanne does, Suzanne actually has a slightly lower body fat and that could be because she may hold more muscle than Kenya does, which would give her a little bit lower body fat or she could be retaining a little less water than Kenya is," says personal trainer, Stacy Stanley.

"Kenya went first and I thought, 'Golly, if that's her number, mine?s going to be 50 or something,' but I was very surprised that my percentage of body fat is less than hers because to me, she weighs and looks the way I want to look," says Suzanne.

"When you carry weight the way that I do, I tend to not look as heavy as I weigh and to me that gives you an excuse to put on more and more weight because you think, ?I don't look that bad! Well, I can still fit in this size even though I've gained 20 pounds,' and we need to change that perception," says Kenya.

"You could be 120 pounds and have more body fat than a 150 pound person, so it's better for women to lift weight and keep the body fat down," says Stanley.

When it comes to getting measurements, officials say it's not all about the numbers, but instead about developing lean muscles which helps to increase metabolism and help you to burn fat even when you're not working out.

"For every pound that you build," says Stanley," you're going to burn around 50 calories extra each day."

To help Suzanne and Kenya achieve this goal, over the next few months they will not only have to eat a healthy diet but also undergo a vigorous exercise program with a lot of high impact and muscle strengthening exercises.

In fact, next week they're going to take on Tyrone, "Honey Bun" White in kickboxing. Last time we saw him there he was doing a thing of his own (dancing). This time we'll see if he can handle it when they bring it on as well!