Critiquing Katrina Response

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The state of Mississippi estimates that $123 billion in damage was done by Hurricane Katrina. Almost 64,000 homes were destroyed. More than 44 million cubic yards of debris was produced.

A small portion of that damage was in Meridian, though it was enough to make it the worst natural disaster to ever hit the city.

Now city officials are assessing how the city handled the storm and the resulting cleanup. It met with members of Meridian Media to discuss how well information got to the public.

City officials say, overall, they're pleased with how things were handled, but they know there could be some improvements.

"There are always glitches and you can always do better, but I think people were generous, they were patient and they were well informed, which I think is the key in a time of great insecurity," said Maureen Lofton, information officer for the city of Meridian.

Among the ideas discussed was a joint city-county emergency operations center.