Jail Agreement Still Pending

An agreement over how City of Meridian inmates will be housed in the Lauderdale County Jail may be coming soon. County supervisors tried to hash out details of an agreement Thursday.

One of the main sticking points is how the city is charged per inmate. The county currently charges the city on a per day basis, if an inmate is in the jail for any part of the day.

The city wants to be charged per 24 hours the inmates are in jail.

"Probably most arrests are made between the hours of six and 12 o'clock. When they come in between those hours, they're going to be charged whatever a day is," said District 2 Supervisor Jimmie Smith. "If it's $20.00, $23.00, is going to be a day. Then at 12:01 they're going to be charged for another day."

County officials plan to ask Meridian to extend the current agreement for another 30 days.