Children First: Adopting Seniors

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Valentine's Day is approaching quickly and Mrs. Burrage's first graders from Northeast Elementary want to make sure that their friends at Aldersgate Retirement Community know they care.

So they brought them Valentines. Jake Gregory brought one to his friend Ann Reid.

"He is the cutest one, isn't he? And the sweetest one," said Reid, "and look what he brought me!"

Jake said he really likes Valentine's Day for one big reason.

"You get presents," he said.

Jake's not selfish though. He says he likes to give, too. So does Sabrina Fellies. She brought her special friend Ruby Chester gifts she made herself.

"They could just walk in through here and make you feel better," said Berniece Stewart, "whether they brought anything with them or not. Just to see youngsters this size and how enthusiastic they are."

The reason the children make visits like this is it's a learning experience and a service.

"The importance of it is to let the children learn to appreciate senior adults and just know that it's special, a special time in life and they're special friends too," said Burrage.