Mike Chaney Talks Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act, known to many as simply Obamacare, will affect each American differently, and Commissioner Mike Chaney says the time to learn about your personal options is now.

"Open enrollment begins Oct. 1," Chaney said. "If you do not have insurance, you can buy on the open market, and it will become effective Jan. 1, 2014. "

Open enrollment in the new marketplace runs until March 31, 2014. Commissioner Chaney promoted a video produced by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation to help citizens better understand the healthcare changes.

Commissioner Chaney says while he is personally not a fan of the law, he's going to ensure it's enacted effectively for Mississippi. He also says eastern Mississippi should stay in good shape.

"You've got a good hospital system here that works, you've got administrators that are here, and I've spoken to several of those groups," Chaney said. "They have plans to try to make sure their hospitals survive all the problems that they're going to encounter. And there will be problems."

Chaney encourages everyone to start researching the act and health care plans right away.