Meridian Woman Celebrates 100 Years

Mayor Percy Bland has officially decreed Aug. 18, 2013 "Oleta Boykin Jones day". This date marks Jones's 100th birthday. Her family and friends held a celebration at the Queen City Nursing Center to celebrate the occasion.

"We asked her the other day if she could believe she was turning 100, and she said, 'No, where did all the years go?'" her daughter Janet Jones Dearmond told Newscenter 11.

Oleta Jones is originally from Meridian, graduated from Meridian High School and has worked as a librarian in the city for most of her life.

"She grew up on 38th Street, two blocks over from Poplar Springs Drive," said her son Glyn Jones. "To her, that was just home."

During her century here, she's been able to witness incredible transformations in the world.

"There's just so many things that have happened during her lifetime," said Dearmond. "Technology, inventions, everything.. She knew the Key brothers during the time they were making their famous flight."

She grew up with them. And she even met Jimmie Rodgers. Her children say they're incredibly thankful to have had their mother in their life for such an extended time.

"It's just amazing," Dearmond explained. "Many of my friends lost their parents at much younger ages, and it's just been a blessing for us."

Don't think just because she's 100, you can get anything past her. Oleta Jones is sharp as a tack.

"She still reminds me of things I did when I was a little bitty boy," Glyn Jones said. "She can remember just plain as day things that I can't even remember."

Her family and friends hope to hold more birthday celebrations in the future.