Athlete Honored

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A Meridian athlete was recognized with her own special day at the mall Saturday.

Neeosha Ruffin is an eighth grade basketball player at Northwest Junior High. She was recently chosen as a Hibbett's Superstar.

"I'm really excited because I've never done anything this big before. I've never done anything this big before. Everything I've done--basketball and dancing--has always been big, but this is huge," said Ruffin.

Of the more than 500 applicants only two superstars are chosen nationally. The store manager for Meridian's Hibbett's says it's great seeing the winner come from Meridian.

"Oh, it's great man, Meridian is definitely a sports town. It's a sports market and we have many superstars outside of Neeosha that excel in the classroom and in the community. It was great to see someone here from out of 500 stores seeing someone from Meridian, Mississippi win the award," said store manager, Key McClendon.

In addition to winning the award, Ruffin was given $1000 that she could give to either her team or a charity of her choice. She chose to give that money to the Special Olympics of Mississippi.