Delay in Homecoming for 155th Soldiers

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Camp Shelby spokesman, Lt. Col. Doril Sanders, confirmed the Monday there will be a slight delay in the return of the last members of the 155th Brigade Combat Team. The group was expected to arrive from Iraq Monday. Sanders would not go into detail about the reasons for the delay.

Members of the brigade have been returning in groups to Camp Shelby, a National Guard training base near Hattiesburg, over the past several weeks.

The return of the final group of 155th soldiers will close the chapter on the largest single deployment of Mississippi National Guard troops since World War II.

Mississippi's Adjutant General Harold Cross says the 155th is made up of battle-tested soldiers. The brigade captured or killed 1,500 insurgents, uncovered massive weapons caches in the desert and provided security for Iraq's first free elections.

The unit also rebuilt hospitals and schools and provided medical supplies, improved infrastructure and trained Iraqi security forces.