Probe of Burned Vehicle Continues

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Initially, the only thing investigators knew about a wrecked vehicle this weekend was that it was a Buick.

The car was burned so badly that the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department had trouble even identifying what state was on the car's license plate.

Deputies later matched it to a car registered in Illinois.

Officials have an idea of the man's identity, but aren't ready to release that name just yet.

"We are currently working the Lauderdale County coroner to make an identity of the individual," said Ward Calhoun, Lauderdale County's chief deputy. “We are waiting on some records to come from Chicago. Hopefully, in the next day or two, we will be able to positively identify the individual that died in the crash that occurred on Saturday morning."

Calhoun says that the Sheriff's Office has been in contact with Chicago police and that the family confirmed that the registered owner of the vehicle is missing.

Authorities say they believe the victim was in this area attending a funeral.