Derailment Disrupts Freight, Passengers

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A train derailment in Cuba, Ala., disrupted business for a lot of people.

A CSX freight train traveling east derailed around noon Monday. The railroad track is owned by Norfolk Southern, but is also used by Amtrak.

Until cleanup is complete, the line through Cuba is unusable.

Norfolk Southern's preliminary estimates are that the track will take two to three days to clean up. Between 20 and 30 cars derailed and three completely left the track.

The freight train had several tanker cars and was also carrying automobiles, some of which were damaged.

Officials say they do not know what caused the train to leave the track, and Cuba's fire marshal says that there is no danger right now.

"At this point in time, there is no danger. There should not be any danger at all. Even when they start the cleanup there is nothing out here at this point that has hit the ground that is hazardous," said Reid Vaughan.

The train derailment is also a problem for Amtrak and its passengers. The crescent line, which runs from New Orleans to New York, passes along this line.

There were 64 passengers that boarded in New Orleans and 14 more who were to board in Meridian. Since the train can't continue from Meridian, they are being taken by bus to Atlanta to catch an Amtrak train there.

Amtrak's crescent line runs from New York to New Orleans through both Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. It’s on its way through both Cuba and Meridian before it gets to New Orleans. It is now disrupted for at least a few days.