One Dead in Clarke County House Fire

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Clarke County, Miss. One man is dead following a fire that gutted a local home.

Piles of ash and rubble are about all that's left of the home on County Road 687 in Clarke County that's now surrounded by police tape. Firefighters were called to the house about 3:30 Wednesday afternoon after someone discovered the home had been burned to the ground. Authorities aren't exactly sure yet when the fire started.

"Correct," Fire Coordinator Eddie Ivy says. "And you know, again, it's very early in the investigation. Possibly in the overnight hours. The house is a little bit off the road, and not really any close neighbors. So it is possible that it burned in the overnight hours when there wasn't a lot of traffic, no one to see it."

Ivy says it doesn't appear anyone else was living at the house or there at the time of the fire. Newscenter 11 was there as investigators from the State Fire Marshal's Office combed through the scene, looking for any trace of evidence that might point to a cause. Because of the level of damage, it could take a while to reach that point in the investigation. At this point though, Ivy says there is nothing to indicate whether this was accidental or on purpose.

"It's way too early to even speculate on what could have happened," Ivy stresses.

The coroner is not releasing the victim's name, pending identification.