Meridian Residents React to Crime Statements

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Meridian, Mississippi There is mixed reaction to statements made by the mayor and police chief regarding Meridian's crime problem.

Meridian residents Newscenter 11 spoke to say they agree that parents keeping better track of their children is a crucial step in fighting crime. However, residents say they disagree with the statement that Meridian is actually a safe place. They tell us some work needs to be done before they'll agree that Meridian is safe.

"I have my son, goes up to Mississippi State," Brenda Gordon says. "I don't even allow him to come to Meridian. His uncle died the other day. He couldn't come because I didn't want him in Meridian because it's so bad."

"Every night on the news, you hear about a home invasion or armed robbery," Susan Sylvester says. "And you don't feel safe to go out and do your shopping anymore."

Mayor Bland says the city is currently trying to budget for more police officers. There are currently 97.