Learning Is a Circus Act

A Meridian school got a visit from the circus Monday. In fact, it's the circus of the kids, based in Tallahassee, Florida.

The production company teaches children some of the skills used in circus acts.

"We travel all over the united state teaching young people circus skills. We've been working with the kids on juggling skills this morning. It's really good for hand and eye coordination. It's a lot of fun," said Bruce Pfeffer, owner of Circus of the Kids.

"Juggling and having feathers and put them on your hand and watching them and balancing with them on your hand," said kindergarten student Dan Dye, when asked what he liked best about circus of the kids.

"I think I could, because I've tried it before," said smiling fifth grader Temi Ransom-Kuti, of juggling. "But I dropped the balls a lot."

"It certainly works on performance skills of self-confidence, risk-taking, taking chances and trying new things," said principal Linda Dulaney.

"They're finding that it's helping with reading scores in some studies that are out there," said Pfeffer. "It's also boosting self-esteem when the kids can leave here today and go home and say, look mom what I can do. And they can start juggling. It makes them feel really good."

The Poplar Springs Elementary PTA made it possible for circus of the kids to visit the school.