New Supercenter Now Open

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Wal-Mart held a grand opening for its newest supercenter in Demopolis, Ala.

The store currently employs about 350 people. The old Demopolis Wal-Mart had just over 100workers.

Officials say that having the nAew store will be very beneficial to the area.

"It means a lot of economic development because of jobs. It also means people move here to work here because they're going to employ up to 400 people," said Mayor Cecil Williamson of Demopolis. "But it also means that we'll be able to attract industries and families that want to come to this area. They'll more than likely choose to live in Demopolis because of our schools, and now that we have a supercenter."

While Demopolis was holding a grand opening, the City of Livingston has recently closed its Wal-Mart. Demopolis and Livingston are about 25 miles apart.