Murder Suspect Turns Himself In

Christopher L. Morris

Meridian, Miss. Meridian Police announced the arrest of 33-year old Christoper Morris in connection with a shooting last week that resulted in the death of one man.

The victim of a shooting Sept. 4 succumbed to his injuries early Wednesday morning. 45-year-old Manuel Torres was shot several times in a field next to Enterprise Funeral Home in Meridian. Around 3 a.m., Torres died from a gunshot wound to his left leg.

Eyewitnesses say Torres was here in this area when he was shot. The coroner tells Newscenter 11 he lost a lot of blood before he ever made it to the hospital.

"It actually clipped the femoral artery," said Clayton Cobler, Lauderdale County coroner. "They went in to repair, did a shunt, but for some reason he didn't pull through. He had lost a lot of blood before the ambulance got there. There was a lot of blood internal loss also."

Cobler says the severity of injuries aren't always apparent at first with the type of wound Torres sustained.

"The thigh can actually hold up to a liter of blood without swelling before you even know it," he said.

Shooting witnesses say many stray bullets pierced local houses. One witness, who did not wish to be identified, says a bullet came through her home and even grazed her husband's back while he was asleep.