Get Fit... Don't Quit!

On this day Tyrone is getting in a mini workout at Jeff Anderson's Fitness Center. However, his trainers say this is the first time he's done this in quite a while.

"It's been three and a half weeks since I've seen him, but he says he has not been coming," says personal trainer Brandon Barr. "I know he's been shooting a little ball!"

"I do a little sit-up here, a sit-up there, a pushup here and a pushup there! So no, I'm not a slacker!” says Tyrone. "I'm slightly slacking, but I'm not a slacker!"

"Well, at first I kind of felt bad calling him a slacker but he is," says personal trainer, Jodie Burrell. "Like he said, 'I did a sit-up here and a pushup there! I think he just meant he didn't do nothing! It was just his nice way of doing it."

Although slacking off is normal, it is something which both Brandon and Jodie both agree that it should be avoided as much as possible because it doesn't take a long time to lose what you had accomplished.

"You pretty much lose about 80 percent of what you gain," says Jodie. “Maybe close to 80 percent of that and you'll be able to tell because when you come back from that week that you took off you go to do a bicep curl or whatever and you are really sore because you body's like, 'you just lost it!’"

Meanwhile, as for when Tyrone does get back into the swing of things, Brandon advises him, as with anyone else, to take it slow.

"Just take it a little bit slower than you did when you left for a week or two and then get back into your regular routine!"

However, as for Brandon taking it easy on Tyrone when he gets back to business, Tyrone says he has his doubts!

"This fella is gonna try to kill me. I know. I know! He took it easy in front of the camera but when the lights go out, the camera's off, it's all man after that! Tomorrow, there's NO MERCY," says Tyrone.

"The advice that I have for Tyrone is to 'get off your tail end!' That's it. Just work hard for five or six days a week," says Brandon.

After all, with the two newest members of the challenge, Suzanne and Kenya that is, working out regularly Brandon says, "If Tyrone doesn't tighten up he's gonna finish last! Ha ha."

"Well, let 'em know that I'm not out of the game yet," says Tyrone. "I'm going to tell the 'Little Debbie' girls that their fixin' to be a 'honey bun' come back! So, Get Ready! No more slacking. NO MORE SLACKING!"