Murder Suspect Escapes Again

Officers from the city, county and state levels all took part in the capture of 25-year-old convicted murderer Christopher Roy around 8:40 a.m. Tuesday in downtown Meridian.

"We saw this guy with a white shirt and red and white pants running by and I said to Lynn, 'Do you think we need to call somebody? Do you think he's escaping?" said Carol Mabry, who works downtown.

About ten minutes prior to his capture, Roy had escaped from the state guards at the Lauderdale County Courthouse. At the time he was in town for a hearing on a previous escape charge.

According to eyewitnesses the chase ended at 9th Street and 22nd Avenue. Once in custody, witnesses say the escapee’s red and white inmate pants were found in the back of a truck parked there.

"The prisoner that escaped jumped in the back of a pickup truck, pulled off the rest of his prison uniform. He had civilian clothes underneath," said Lt. Dean Harper of the Meridian Police Department.

"Well, it just kind of made me notice something was really out of the ordinary," said James Evans, who witnessed the capture. "This guy was out here struggling with the police. I thought maybe he was just a little drunk or something."

During the pursuit, a state officer fired gunshots at Roy. No one was injured. However, one state officer did receive minor injuries after being hit by a car during the pursuit.

"We had it under control," Harper said. "It showed us a couple of areas where we are lacking that we're going to address, hopefully within the next week."

The probe continues into exactly how Roy escaped. He has a history of violence and escape. Roy was convicted of murder in Jackson County in 1998, for the death of Danny Ward during a robbery.

His first escape happened Oct. 17, 2005. He and another inmate, convicted killer Gregory Malone, escaped from the East Mississippi Correctional Facility. They were captured a few days later in Alabama.