Choctaw Ink Big Deals

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More than 100 high-tech, high-paying jobs could soon be coming to east central Mississippi, thanks to a new industry opening in Neshoba County on the Choctaw reservation.

The Choctaw say they hope this is the first of many.

"It may look kind of a like a golf cart, but it's actually much more," said John Giliberti of Giliberti, Inc.

"You're looking at the G-4 Tow Track, a heavy duty hauling machine built by Giliberti Industries in West Palm Beach, Florida. This vehicle is capable of pulling any size helicopter up to the military, very large helicopter."

Up until now, the G-4 was built in Florida. But Giliberti is now moving their entire operation to the Choctaw Reservation and could eventually bring 150 jobs with them.

Giliberti also makes equipment for tennis, golf, and emergency services companies, in addition to the military. Representatives said the company was having a difficult time finding an available workforce in Florida, but don't think they'll have any problem in Neshoba County.

The jobs offered are just the kind people in this area want and should pay very well.

"In the past, we've been doing low-tech, low-pay, but this will be a high-tech operation here," said Chief Phillip Martin. "And the salaries will be a lot more than a low tech operation."

The plant is the first of what the Choctaw say will be many that will locate here through their new Integrated Technologies Center, in conjunction with East Central Community College.

And while they're looking for others, Giliberti will be looking to expand.

"We're looking at growing ourselves not only in the U.S., but worldwide," said Giliberti.

And that will be good for anyone wanting to work for them.