MPSD Plan of Action

In the wake of state test scores being released, the Meridian Public School District has a plan of action. Last year the district's overall grade fell by one point from a 'C' to a 'D'; this caused its rating to drop from 'Successful' to 'Academic Watch.' To address the problem, Meridian Public School Superintendent, Dr.Alvin Taylor, says this year there will be even more intense instruction within classrooms.

"We're focusing a lot on increasing the pace and rigor of our instruction in the classrooms. We have brought in instructional specialists to help mentor and coach our teachers."

Dr. Taylor is also making a plea to the community.

"We definitely still need mentors and tutors, and we need the community to work with our students after-school hours and during the summer. We're going to be working diligently during school hours to prepare our students for the academic rigors of these tests, but we need parents and the community to work with us during non-school hours as well."

This includes more after-school programs for students.

"I'm quite confident that between the school system and the community, if we all work together, we will continue to make positive strides daily."

At this time Dr. Taylor says the number one goal for the district is to regain its 'C' grade and only advance from there.

"We're not making excuses. We know that we've got to work hard. We worked hard last year, but we know that we've got to work harder and that's exactly what we're going to do!"

Anyone interested in volunteering with the Meridian Public School District can call the main office at any of its individual schools or MPSD's central office at (601) 483-6271.