Bartee Calls News Conference

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Clarke County Justice Court Judge Tobey Bartee called a news conference Sunday he said felt it necessary to help clear up some confusion.

"I want to verify the fact that I am running as a Democratic candidate for Justice Court Judge, place one," said Bartee.

Bartee was mistakenly listed as a Republican in a list of candidates published by a local newspaper.

Bartee also attempted to clarify his role in a controversial case involving a motorist who was found with 84 sealed bottles of whiskey in the trunk of his car. The case was dismissed last year at the request of the prosecuting attorney and the arresting officer.

"After the case was dismissed, the question was asked if they could get a copy of the court order in order to pick up their goods, which I granted," said the judge.

Sheriff Todd Kemp told NewsCenter 11 he would not release the alcohol because alcohol is prohibited in Clarke County and the people voted it that way.

Sheriff Kemp's stance caused him to be held in contempt of court, which led to a headline that he had been arrested.

Bartee said the sheriff was not arrested.

"To my knowledge, the sheriff never was arrested. He was served a show cause warrant for contempt which was the result of an affidavit filed by the attorney for the defense," said Bartee.

Sheriff Kemp admitted that he was never handcuffed or taken into custody. A hearing on that matter is scheduled for Mar. 17.