Crestwood Marks Level 5

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Every year since the 2001-2002 school year, Crestwood Elementary School in Meridian has improved its level ranking, moving from level 1 to level 3, then level 4 and last year, to level 5, the highest that can be achieved.

The school celebrated its accomplishment Friday, and who better to help them celebrate than the Meridian High School cheerleaders and band? The atmosphere was electric.

"They've helped us, but it has been a fun way of helping," said fifth grader Christy Linder.

"School is great. It helps you learn and get your knowledge up," said Harini Patel, a third grader.

"They kind of caught the vision for doing this and they committed to doing it," said Principal John Lisenbe. "And this is kind of our reward for them because, after today, it's going to be back to more hard work."