Driving Force

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The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department is conducting in-service driver training for deputies.

Officials say it's just as important that officers be proficient with their vehicles as with their handguns.

"These officers will be going through 12 hours of recertification," said training officer, Sgt. Michael Street. "They've already been through 40 hours of certification. Now we're required every 3 years to go through a recertification."

"What we're doing is making sure our deputies are proficient using their vehicles, not only in pursuit-type situations, but in everyday driving," said Maj. Ward Calhoun. "One of the things in law enforcement that we do all the time is qualify with handguns, but in reality one of the things we use the least is our handguns. So the thing that we use the most is our vehicles."

Officials say RHW drivers' training helps protect the public.