Kemper Co. Burglary Arrest

Kemper County, Miss. An arrest has been made and some items recovered from two burglaries in Kemper County. Among the items recovered are: a gun, jewelry, pocket knife and other things that are all thought to have been stolen from the same house . It was June 1st, and then again mere months later on September 1st, when thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen from a house on Highway 16 West of DeKalb. Charged in the case is the victim's next door neighbor.

"On the second call we had an officer two minutes away and when the officer got there he found out that the house had been broken into, but was unable to find anyone there," says Sheriff James Moore. "So, that led us to believe that whoever was in there was very close."

With no tips resulting from a $1,000 reward that was offered by the victim's son, Sheriff Moore says hard work by investigators cracked the case.

"We were able to track one of the guns that was stolen from the house. It changed hands about six times before we were able to tie it to him and once that was done we brought him in for questioning and one thing led to another," says Moore. "Once we were able to tie him to that, Investigator Joyner got a search warrant on his home, and at that time we discovered several more items that came from the house and probably from other places too."

With one of the stolen guns recovered, and at least nine others still missing, investigators are looking for those while also trying to determine whether there's more stolen jewelry from the house that is yet to be found.

As of Monday morning 49-year-old Lee Edward Rush was only charged with the burglary which happened June First, and his bond was set at $25,000. Anyone with information that can help with the ongoing investigation is asked to call the Kemper County Sheriff's Department at (601) 743-2255.