McGrevey Taking New Position

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The president of The Montgomery Institute in Meridian is resigning to take a government job overseas.

Mike McGrevey will be working in Afghanistan to build the nation's budgeting system, as part of our nation's assistance program to them.

"Besides budgeting is working to help come up with alternative ways of building businesses, basic entrepreneurial development just like here will be over there as well," McGrevey said.

It is a part of the world not completely unfamiliar to him.

"I spent a career in the United States Air Force and retired in 2000 as lt. colonel and I've been all throughout that theater in terms of Kuwait,Saudi Arabia, the Afghanistan area and I'm looking forward to getting back," McGrevey said.

"The institute will just move forward. We're really proud of the work Mike has done and we look forward to the institution continuing good work in retired Congressman Montgomery's name," said C.D. Smith, chairman of the board.

The former president of Meridian Community College, Bill Scaggs, will take over on a temporary basis.

McGrevey leaves for Afghanistan on Feb. 12.