Kemper County Drug Bust

Kemper County, Miss. Three arrests have been made and almost a quarter of a million dollars in drugs confiscated in a drug bust in Kemper County. The bust happened around 10:15 Sunday morning inside a mobile home on Stennis-Cole Road. At the time the house was occupied by renters.

Kemper County Sheriff James Moore says information that surfaced during a traffic stop Saturday in Rankin County led his deputies to the house.

Upon arrival deputies say the three people inside the mobile home were asleep. Once inside authorities discovered: one pound of marijuana, six pounds of crystal meth, weighing scales and evidence for thousands of dollars in wire transfers. All of these items were found inside a bedroom. While there, authorities also discovered that the three suspects were not in the U.S. legally; that's when officials from the U.S. Homeland Security Office were contacted.

"Actually, one of the individuals had been here for approximately, maybe a year. All three of them were working at the coal plant," says Sheriff Moore. " Again, all three were here illegally, and I'm sure that there's a lot more of that going on."

On the day of the bust deputies seized an assault rifle, which was discovered inside the suspects' vehicle. They have since seized the suspects' vehicle, which has a Texas license plate. Given the value of the crystal meth alone, Sheriff Moore is calling this one of his department's largest drug bust to date.

"The drugs that were found in the house, because of the purity of it meaning that it hadn't been stepped on; it hadn't been dealt with, so it was actually pure and when they chip it down, and get ready for street sale it probably could be valued close to a quarter of a million dollars."

The three suspects are: 21-year-old Sergio Mendoza, 18-year-old Gerardo Alvarez and 27-year-old Roberto Sandoval. Their cases are all being handled in state and federal courts. According to Sheriff Moore, an investigation into the case is ongoing.

Sergio Mendoza
Roberto Sandoval
Gerardo Alvarez