Gun Purchases Discussed at Supervisors Meeting

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Lauderdale County, Miss. Some questions were raised in Monday's Lauderdale County board of supervisors meeting about newly purchased firearms for some Lauderdale County employees.

Wayman Newell of District 2 said the board authorized the director of Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency and his 2 assistants to carry firearms during search and rescue to deal with snakes.

However the claims docket says that four firearms were purchased. Newell voted against approving the docket but was out voted.

Newell said he believes that the board should care more about the purchase of a fourth gun, and is stunned the board approved it.

"You have three people authorized to carry the guns in the woods and trucks, but you bought four guns," said Newell. "Where is the other one, is my question. The liability for it as a county goes is astronomical in my opinion."

LEMA director David Sharp declined to comment about the purchase of the guns.

However, after speaking with county administrator Joe McCraney, Newscenter 11 was able to confirm the location of the fourth gun. It is currently in the possession of fellow supervisor, Joe Norwood, who is also a volunteer with search and rescue for LEMA. McCraney says the pistol is used for training purposes only.