Kemper County Plant Protest

Meridian, Miss. Mississippians for Affordable Energy took to the sidewalks in downtown Meridian Tuesday evening, protesting the Kemper County coal plant.

The picketers say they were there in protest of the financial burdens on ratepayers as Mississippi Power constructs the lignite plant, as well as a fundraising dinner that was in progress tonight for Central District Public Service Commissioner Lynn Posey. Posey is one of two commissioners who voted for the plant. Protester Linda St. Martin says Mississippians should remember Grand Gulf.
"You know in the 1980's, two of our public service commissioners, Lynn Havens and W.D. Snyder, they went to the federal penitentiary, over extortion and bribery over Grand Gulf," said Martin of Mississippians for Affordable Energy.

The picketers initially were marching near Weidmann's, but were asked to leave by local police officers.