Murder Suspect's Sister Speaks Out

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Early Thursday morning authorities were called to a house in the Halsell community of Choctaw County. Once at the scene authorities found 67-year old Jimmy Tanks dead and the three men who were allegedly trying to repossess his car still at the scene.

For Tank's death, Kenneth Smith has been charged with murder. Smith's sister calls Tanks death a tragedy, but says her brother doesn't deserve to be charged with murder.

"We all hate that things have happened the way they have, but my brother would never hurt anyone he must have felt threatened himself to hurt someone," said Pattie Bousson-Smith's sister.

Choctaw County Sheriff James Lovett says Smith should have gone through his department before attempting to seize the vehicle. This is something Smith's sister disputes.

"From what I can understand- no repo men do not have to go through a sheriff's dept. Maybe they would rather they do that," said Bousson.

According to Sheriff Lovett, Smith is out of jail on a 75-thousand dollar bond.

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