Mayor Proposes "Officer Next Door" Initiative

Meridian, Miss. Meridian's Mayor says there will soon be police officers living in public housing as part of a partnership to tackle crime in the city.
It's called the "Officer Next Door" program, and Mayor Percy Bland says the City, the Police Department and the Meridian Housing Authority are teaming up to provide free housing for two officers at Western Gardens public housing complex. Bland says those two officers have already been identified, and it's a win-win for the community. He says residents feel safer with law enforcement officers living nearby. "After the next city council meeting, we're going to have a 'Police Officer Next Door' program," said Bland. "(The City) is partnering with the Meridian Housing Authority, to deal with some of the issues that sometimes happen in some of our housing complexes, because we're trying to do everything we can as a city to address those issues."
The Meridian City Council meets next Tuesday. The Mayor says the plan is to expand the program into Highway Village and Eastern Gardens public housing as well.