MPD Has One Suspect in Custody After Apartment Shooting

Meridian police are still investigating after a female was shot in the leg around 7:30 Saturday night at Frank Berry Courts. Preliminary investigations reveal the victim was not the intended target and was shot accidentally. Tenants at Frank Berry say several shots were fired during that argument. Police are not yet releasing the identity of the victim, but one woman tells Newscenter 11 it was her friend who was shot.

"My friend Rasheka Purnell got shot, an innocent bystander from bullets in an argument. I'm sick of it. It's not safe for my child to live out here. My child's not used to this. It's sad every night we're afraid to go to bed that we're going to get shot," Taundra Kelley, the victim's friend, told Newscenter 11.

The MPD has confirmed that the victim is in the hospital but does not have any life-threatening injuries. Another man says he was right down the street when the shooting began.

"I was walking down right by that pole, but like I said, when I'd seen it, shoot, I just hit the ground like that. Know what I'm saying? I just hit the ground because I don't want to be dead right now," Edward Walker, another Frank Berry tenant said. "People is going crazy around here. I got babies to take care of and stuff. They need to do something about all this gun shooting around here."

Meridian police currently have one suspect in custody, but they are still searching for another. No charges have been filed yet in this case.