Hanging Ruled Suicide


On Jan. 9, Nick Naylor, 23, was found hanged to death in a wooded area about a mile from his home in Porterville.

According to the autopsy results, it was suicide, something which family members say they find hard to believe.

"I know one thing," said Nick's sister, Dana Naylor, "it was no suicide!"

The Kemper County Sheriff's Department, Mississippi Highway Patrol, and State Crime Lab mainly handled the investigation, which was monitored by the FBI.

Investigators say it was the testing of items found in and around the crime scene, which delayed the results.

"I appreciate the people being patient and I don't have any other reason to go against what the autopsy says," said Kemper County Sheriff Sam Tisdale.

Meanwhile, District Attorney Bilbo Mitchell is vowing to take more action.

"The family does not believe the findings," said Mitchell. "So, I believe it's in the best interest of everyone that I carry it further and let the grand jury hear the investigative side of the case."

If requested by the grand jury, Mitchell said he would ask the U.S. Justice Department to look into the case. The attorney for the family said they plan to request the Justice Department to look into the case.

"They've based this on an apparent note that they cannot determine matches this man's handwriting and without that they have no case for suicide," said Naylor family attorney, Ishmael Muhammad. "How do you explain a man putting his hand around a rope to save his life? If you can, then we're done here!"

According to local NAACP officials, the national NAACP has been notified about the case. The circumstances of Naylor's death will go before a Kemper County grand jury later this spring.