Children First: Reading Success

Education experts contend that the core of a child's learning is based
on reading ability, usually developed early in life.

That's why teachers say programs like Success for All, in its fourth year at Southeast Elementary School, are so important.

"We teach our children at the beginning of the year the letters and the sounds they make," said Southeast Elementary kindergarten teacher, Sonja Murray. "Then we go into writing sentences. We also do reading."

Is the reading program paying off? Murray said the proof is measured by teachers in the upper grades.

"We expect our children to be ready to read when they leave us so they'll be successful in first grade. We come in at the first of the year going, 'Oh my heavens, how are we going to take them where they need to be?' said Murray. "And then first grade teachers are going, 'Look, I got this group and they just know this and they can go on and do what I want them to do.' So, it's really helping our school."

Murray said Southeast's test scores have gone up since implementing Success for All.