Appeal Leads to "Miracle"

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They're calling it a miracle. "He is a happy wonderful baby. He's perfect," said Jamie Vaughan.

But Jas's mother Jamie might not have been able to know just how wonderful her son is had it not been for a community pulling together to give her the gift of life.

Last week when Jas was delivered, Jamie had life-threatening complications that required a major blood transfusion. Her doctor said this task was complicated due to her blood type.

"She has O-negative blood. That means that it's much harder to get multiple units of both red blood cells, blood products, platelets, factors, protein factors, etc.," said Dr. James Purdy. "But Meridian came together and the whole state came together."

And by coming together, enough blood was donated to save Jamie's life. UBS and Riley Hospital worked quickly to get the word out about the need. The community was quick to respond.

"People felt like they wanted to make a difference and they did," said Susan Morris of United Blood Services. "They, as single individuals, saved this mom's life and allowed her to be able to watch her boy grow up to be the person he is destined to be."

A week after her blood transfusions, Jamie and her baby boy are doing fine. She's going home and she wants to thank the community for its help.

"I just want to tell them thank you because without their love and support, I would not be here to raise my precious little boy," said Vaughan.