Backup Wreaks Havoc

Friday morning the owner of this house at 2125 20th Avenue in Meridian awoke to quite a surprise, raw sewage flooded throughout the basement of the house.

"I'll put it this way. This is a basement apartment. You're going to have water problems. But clean water is one thing but straight raw sewage is another. You see that is definitely not my fault," said Edward Turner, the homeowner.

Turner blames the city. Built more than 40 years ago by his grandfather, he says this is the third time this has happened. Turner said one of the main problems is a ditch located behind his house. When it rains a lot, he says the water from the ditch will overflow to near the house, covering the home's drainage pipe, causing sewage to be trapped and back up into the house. He says things stay this way until the water level at the ditch goes down.

"I would appreciate if they'd take a look at this ditch. It's too shallow," Turner said.

To help, city officials sent a professional cleaning service and insurance adjuster to the home. Meridian Public Works Director, Monty Jackson, said unfortunately problems with the sewage system are not uncommon.

"Hopefully, we've got some money coming. That money that the mayor's talked about, we're going to use some of that money to investigate and correct some of the problems we have around town," Jackson said.

Meanwhile, with no intentions to move, Turner said for him and his family, the sooner the problem is solved, the better.

"I just think there's something they can do to keep it from happening again," said Turner.